Public Masses are Suspended

Judging by the number of ongoing inquiries it just does not seem to be registering that **There Are No Public Masses.** Please *Do Not* come to the Church and expect to see the pastor offering a Mass at the regularly scheduled time. Please *Do Not* ask at what time Father “might just happen to be in Church” and you yourselves “just happen to walk in.” Remember, presently gatherings of people should not exceed 10.

There are **No Public Liturgies or Devotions, No Stations of the Cross, No Exposition, No Benediction, No CCD Classes, No Fish Dinners, No Breakfasts, No Chicken Dinners and No Easter Bake Sale.**

Please accept these present crosses as part of your Lenten Penances. Offer them up for the Remission of Sins and the Salvation of Souls.

From plague and contagion,

— Father Ananias, O.S.B.